Specialized Nutrition Supplement

Specialized Nutrition Supplement


Nutrient requirements for groups of healthy persons have been determined experimentally.
For good health, we require:
• Energy providing nutrients
• Vitamins
• Essential fatty acids
• Dietary fiber
• Minerals
• Trace minerals
• Electrolytes

As overview, we can divide these nutrients to Energy providing nutrients, Body building nutrients and protective nutrients

• As Carbohydrate and Fat is main source of energy, we can classify it as Energy yielding nutrients.
• Amino acids of protein are basic building block of body hence can be classify as Body Building Nutrients
• While Vitamins, Minerals, Trace elements, electrolytes do not have any energy value but essential for various biological functions hence known as protective nutrients

A balance food must include all required components in diet.

SIOSURE is a balance food supplement which gives required components of healthy food as per RDA recommendations.
The required amounts of the essential nutrients change by age and physiologic state.

SIOSURE can meet the change of requirement. The most trusted textbook (known as “Bible of Medicine”) HARRISON’S PRINCIPLES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE has recommended the same formula as of SIOSURE to meet requirement of nutrition in various needs

SIOSURE can be ideal food supplement for growing children, working adults, Pregnant and lactating ladies, seniors. SIOSURE is Ideal support to nutritional requirement of critically ill patients, patients’ undergone surgery, bed ridden patients or any other physiological requirement.

In clinical situations, nutritional assessment is an iterative process that involves:
(1) Screening for malnutrition
(2) Assessing the diet and other data to establish either the absence or presence of malnutrition and its possible causes
(3) Planning and implementing the most appropriate nutritional therapy
(4) Reassessing intakes to make sure that they were consumed. Some disease states affect the bioavailability, requirements, use, or excretion of specific nutrients.

In these circumstances, specific measurements of various nutrients or their biomarkers may be required to ensure adequate replacement

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